Our Story

We're so happy you're here! Our story begins with a mother and her children who work together every day to try to come up with ideas to make life easier and more enjoyable to others. It's not your typical "one day we started pouring wax" stories, so buckle up!

In 2003, our mother, Rebecca, created a medical manufacturing business called Protex Medical Products, Inc. She invented a showering protector to cover casts and other wounds after my brother broke his arm and was having a difficult time bathing with a trash bag to keep his cast from getting wet. Growing up we always helped our mother with her businesses and all of us have worked together in one way or another through the years. We are proud to say this business is still going strong and has changed the lives of so many just to be able to simply take a shower and not have to worry about their area of concern getting wet. So, what does this have to do with wax?

In 2018, we began to experiment with using essential oils for various health issues we were experiencing and started noticing the benefits of using them! The idea of putting them into wax melts and warming the essential oils along with a good smelling fragrance that compliments it came to mind, and so MediScents was created! We originally introduced our wax melts line to our doctor clients to create a natural and fragrant way to "cleanse" the atmosphere of their offices. We chose health advice names, such as "Apple A Day," used whimsical packaging and bold colors for the wax to make them stand out. While developing the line, we grew weary of having to constantly clean messy wax warmers! Being the problem solvers we are, we knew we had to create a solution for this. So, the solution was our now patented Scentsibles Wax Warmer Liners! They are made in the USA from recycled plastics and are reusable. You can change your scent as often as you want without waste by saving your usable melted wax to use again!

In 2019 and 2020, we exhibited at AmeriSmart and the Dallas Market to debut our amazing waxes and liners and actually caught the attention of one of our favorite stores, Hobby Lobby! We were so excited when they asked to carry our product! In 2020, our liners were in all of the Hobby Lobby stores nationwide, and we were absolutely thrilled! Unfortunately, as we all know, 2020 was not the best year for a lot of things. Life happened, and while we didn't have the most visible location for our product in the stores, we are extremely thankful for our experience and are still regular customers there! We are hopeful that we can work with them again one day! 

A lot of time passed and a lot of life happened some more.. We didn't do much with the wonderful wax line we were once so excited about although we continued selling our liners through other outlets. We knew we had something special, and so we thought hard about what we could do to resurrect it. In 2023, Rebecca and Laura finally decided to rebrand the entire line.


Laura got right to work on design ideas using her talents and her love for interior design as inspiration. We decided this newly designed line would reflect our life in Louisiana. We wanted to give it that cozy southern down-home feeling with a little rustic antique flair. Our wax is still hand poured right here in West Monroe, Louisiana in small batches using quality fragrances and generously infused with pure essential oils. We use a more neutral and homemade look to go better with our new theme.

Although we are just now beginning on our journey with this new line, MediScents Apothecary,  we are so excited to see where it has been taking us so far! Most importantly, we are having a blast creating new products and ideas together as a small family business! We are so incredibly blessed, and we are so excited to be sharing our journey with y'all! Stay tuned!